Events And Activities 2018-2019

Semester 1
Dates of Activities and Events are subject to change due to Circumstances
MONTH DATE DAY Events And Activities
JUNE 19-06-2018 Tuesday Parent - Teacher Meet and Greet
21-06-2018 Thursday International Day of Yoga
JULY 1st/2nd Week - Interschool Activity
13-07-2018 Friday Purple Colour Day- Students to  come dressed in Purple and bring along purple food /toys
AUGUST 03-08-2018 Friday Friendship Day Celebrations
14-08-2018 Tuesday Independence Day Celebrations- Students to come dressed as Freedom Fighters and present
24-08-2018 Friday Raksha Bandhan Celebrations- Girls to bring Rakhis, boys to bring sweets and exchange
27-08-2018 Monday Yellow Colour Day- Students will come dressed in Yellow and bring along yellow food /toys-
31-08-2018 Friday Janmasthami Celebrations
SEPTEMBER 04-09-2018 to 07-09-2018 Book Week Events in collaboration with Scholastic
05-09-2018 Wednesday Teachers' Day
07-09-2018 Friday Character Parade - Students to come dressed as their favourite Book Character and present
08-09-2018 Saturday Open Day
17-09-2018 To 22-09-2018 1 day  Visit to  Ganesh Pandal- field trip
28-09-2018 Friday Pink colour Day Students to come dressed in Pink and bring along pink food /toys
OCTOBER 01-10-2018 Monday Gandhi Jayanti - Celebrating the life of Gandhiji- Father of our Nation
17-10-2018 Wednesday Navratri  Celebrations- Dandiya day- dress up
26-10-2018 Friday Blue Colour Day- Students to come dressed in Blue and bring along blue food /toys
Nature Walk -Field Trip- Date to be provided
NOVEMBER 01-11-2018 Thursday Annual Athletic Meet
02-11-2018 Friday Diwali Party- Students to come dressed in party clothes and bring along food to share

Semester 2
Dates of Activities and Events are subject to change due to Circumstances
MONTH DATE DAY Events And Activities
DECEMBER Joy of Giving- bring toys/ clothes to donate- entire month
21-12-2018 Friday Christmas Celebrations- Students to come dressed in Christmas Colours- Red/ White/Green/ Blue
JANUARY 12-01-2019 Saturday PTM
25-01-2019 Friday Republic Day Celebrations- Republic Day Parade,  students to come dressed in Tri coloured clothes- Orange/White/Green
Visit to a Hospital/ Fire Station
Felicitation of our School's Helpers
FEBRUARY 14-02-2019 Thursday Valentine's Day- Celebrating as Grandparents day
21-02-2019 Thursday International Mother Language day- students to come prepared and sing/speak/recite in their mother tongue
Let's Go Green and Lets Reduce Reuse Recycle- Create art and craft with junk -entire month
MARCH 19-03-2019 Tuesday Holi -Water Play- Students to bring a spare set of clothes, swim suits and towels
20-03-2019 Wednesday World Poetry Day- Students to come prepared and Recite a poem of their choice 
APRIL Graduation -SKG and Annual Day-Dates to be announced
18-04-2019 Thursday Last Day for Classes
20-04-2019 Saturday PTM
24-04-2019 Wednesday school closes

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